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Glenelg Natural Spring Water

Water and hydration are not only essential for survival, but also for good health. Why not go for revitalizing hydration?

Springs: Our Water Source

A spring is a water resource generated when a flowing body of groundwater contacts the slope of a hill, the bottom of a valley, or another excavation at or below the local water table, below which the underlying material is saturated with water. An aquifer is filled to the point when water spills over the ground surface, resulting in the spring. They range in size from intermittent seeps that only flow after a lot of rain to massive pools that flow hundreds of millions of gallons each day.

Is It Safe To Drink?

The true allure of spring water is that it comes from a “clean” source with few man-made impurities and a high concentration of natural minerals. While spring water may have high ppm levels, these “extra” particles are usually chemical elements from subsurface aquifers. Many individuals believe these minerals are good for their health. It’s worth noting, though, that spring water is not required to meet the same ppm requirements as filtered water.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Glenelg Natural Spring Water

provide vital nutrients

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Drink Natural

Drink Glenelg’s 100% Natural Spring Water

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