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Hospital Bed & Accessories

We supply a range of high-performance electric and raising hospital beds

Drive Medical Pressure Pump & Pad

Drive Medical Bariatric Mattress

Delta Ultra-Light 1000, Electric Bed

DeltaUltra-Light 1000, Electric Bed

Pressure Area Relief

We offer pressure easing pillows, egg crates and other cushions for your comfort

Drive Medical Pressure Pump System

Egg Crate Cushion

Alternating Pressure Mattress

Air Cushion

Resting Comfort & Support

Relaxing memory foam, travel and wedge pillows and cushions are available

Tri-Cor ComfortZone Pillow

DMI Heel Cushion Protector Pillow

Support Plus Elevated Leg Wedge

Sleep Innovation Memory Foam

FitPlus Memory Foam Bed Wedge

FitPlus Memory Foam Bed Wedge

Brentwood Home Wedge Pillow

Roscoe Medical Cervical Pillow

Bathroom Safety & Comfort

Access shower chairs, bars and extensions, toilet seats and other safety equipment

Drive Medical KD Deluxe Commode 

Portable Upholdstered Commode

MedMobile Portable Commode

Sq-Pail Shower-Commode

HealthSmart 16 Textured Steel Grab Bar

MedLine 3 in 1 Folding Commode

Home Nursing Supplies

Offering the highest quality bedpans, urinals and tilt-top overbed nursing tables

Drive Medical KD Deluxe Commode 

Drive Medical Overbed Table

MedMobile Portable Commode

MedLine 3 in 1 Folding Commode

Colostomy Supplies

We provide a variety of stoma related supplies including colostomy bags & pastes

CONVATEC Stomahesive Paste

LotFancy Comostomy Bags

Ostomy Drainable Pouch

BARDIA Closed System Drain Bag

Oxygen Treatment Supplies

We supply crucial respiratory supplies such as oxygen masks, regulators and tubing.

Medline Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Yaetek Oxygen Regulator

Medline Supersoft Oxygen Cannula

Medline Mini Oxygen Regulator

Day-to-Day Assistance

Providing Reachers, Thick-It, cutlery, no-pill cups and other everyday essentials

Thick-It Instant F&B Thickener 10 oz

Thick-It Instant F&B Thickener 36 oz

Thick-It Instant F&B Thickener 36 oz

Thick-It Instant F&B Thickener 10 oz

Air Quality

Access excellent quality air purifiers, nebulizers, humidifiers and vaporizers

Sunbeam Steam Humidifier

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier

UltraSonic  Humidifier

Vicks Vaporizer

Vicks Vaporizer Liquid

Incontinence Support

Drainage bags, diapers, underpads and other incontinence supplies are available

Dynarex Underpads 23×36

Covidien Wings Premium Underpads

Underpad Wings Durasorb

Urinary Drainage Bag

Dynarex Underpads 30×36

Reliamed Adult Waterproof Diaper

Maxicare Underpad

Dynarex Underpads 23×36

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